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Brye's Funny Bunnies are purebread Double Mane Lionheads.  All are pedigreed and very social and sweet. Shown to the right is two of our main breeders (Loki - left, Bluebell - right)
Born July 12, 2018 to Dixie (black-torte) and Loki (black-tort male).  This little guy is fun and full or personality.  He loves running around inside or outside and is pretty good at using a litter pan.  He enjoys being brushed and hanging out with his little brother. Has developed a fabulous mane and saddle. Pedigreed.  Dad has champion bloodline.
Male Torte
born 7/12/18
This sweetie is the little brother of the bunny listed above.  The are good pals.  "Wiggles" as he is currently called is a cudder and loves to be brushed.  He is very curious.  He would be a great show bunny as well as pet.
Male White
Ruby Eyed
born 7/12/18
Bunny Care

Bunnies enjoy lots of attention.  Brushing them is a great activity and good for them too!

There are lots of fun things you can do with your rabbits.  You make make a maze out of boxes for them to play in, or put their favorite food inside a toilet paper tube.  You can reward them with tiny bits of carrot if they sit properly or even come to you.  Bunnies are smart and enjoy the interaction.